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This is where you’ll find my thoughts on company building, startups, and investing, along with anything else that sparks the imagination :)

A bit about me: I live in Burlingame, CA with my wife, daughter, and son. I’m originally from Miami, worked in consulting in DC and corporate law and technology equity research in NYC, before making my way into startups and tech in the Bay Area in 2013.

I’m passionate about founders and builders, scaling GTM, and high-performance leadership. In my free time you can usually find me running, reading, spending time with my family, or traveling.

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Technology and investing


Co-Founder and General Partner at Garuda Ventures - B2B-focused pre-seed/seed-stage VC firm. Prev early @okta (8 yrs building M&A, BD, Venture), other things before that. Angel, scaling high-growth co's, helping founders